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About Gladesville Ryde Magic Football Club:

Gladesville Ryde Magic Football Club (GRMFC) has implemented Senior, Youth Programs and Skill Acquisition Program (SAP), Organisational structures and endorsed a philosophy that will allow for GRMFC and its Players to successfully compete at the highest levels of football in Australia.

Skill Acquisition Program
The objective of Skill Acquisition Program is to identify and assemble the most talented young players, in order to nurture their talent and perfect functional games skills. For players to have the best possible chance of playing at the highest level and hopefully become a Socceroo they need the necessary technical skills. The Skill Acquisition Program is a nationwide joint initiative of Football Federation Australia and the Member Associations.

Our Youth Program has been designed to develop a generation of Players that must experience and demonstrate enjoyment, technique, skills and game intelligence.

In order to fulfil this philosophy, GRMFCaims to develop Players and teams with:
  • Ability to control and manipulate the ball with skill;
  • Awareness to maintain possession individually and collectively; and
  • Intelligence to contruct an attack and respond well in defence.
Our qualified Coaches will provide guidance and highlight alternatives in game situations; especially creativity, perseverance and good judgement. Our Players are encouraged to "expand their game" and understand the value of possession, composure and calm.

However, the Club philosophy is simply to encourage all Players to enjoy football and maintain interest in improving their game.
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