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Near Post
(aka "First Post"). The part of the goal that is closest to the ball (e.g., "make a run to the near post" or "cover the near post" or "set up off the near post").

Number of Players
The rules, which are called the "Laws of the Game," call for 11 players per side, although a team can play with as few as 7. However, most youth leagues play with fewer than 11 until age 12 or 14. Contact your soccer association to discuss their rules or go to "Laws of the Game" at (See "Formations", "Positions" and "Small Sided").

Refers to one team having a concentration of players in a specific area or a numerical advantage. For example, "The Defense has numbers in the Box". Or, if the offense had a numerical advantage & scored, you might say, "They had numbers".

When a ballhandler intentionally passes the ball through a defenders legs, then the defender has been "nutmegged".

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