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Round: rd 15 Sponsored by
Vs: Hawkesbury City
Half Time Score: GRM 0 - Hawkesbury 1
1st Half Scorers: Hawkesbury 19th minute
2nd Half Scorers:  
Full Time Score: LOSS GRM 0 - Hawkesbury 1 

Match Report:

A week since their last encounter at the Hawkesbury home field, the boys were hoping to put another win on the board. Alas it was not to be!
It was a beautiful day and from the start of the match Magic held possession with great passing and skill. There were shots taken from both teams in the first few minutes with both goalies making great saves. In the 19th minute a beautiful through ball from the Hawkesbury City midfielders was played, and Magic conceded the goal.
The next 10 minutes saw both teams make several attempts at goals, but neither goalie was letting anything through!

Minutes into the second half Magic's midfielders made a great run, only to be thwarted by Hawkesbury's defence. Their counter attack was in turn shut down by Magic's defenders. And so it went for the next twenty minutes. All the players were putting their all into the game, some maybe a bit more, and the ref noted the extra use of the body.
In the last 10 minutes both sides were trying desperately to score. An unlucky handball from Hawkesbury gave a penalty to Magic just outside the goal box. A great kick put the ball just within tapping reach of the goal. A mad, yet unsuccessful scramble followed.
When the whistle finally went, we really felt for the boys. They had played really well. It was a fast and physical game, and Magic dominated play, but at the end of it all, it was Hawkesbury who scored the goal.
Better luck next time boys.


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