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Round: rd 16 Sponsored by
Vs: Southern Branch
Half Time Score: GRM 0 - Southern Branch 0
1st Half Scorers:  
2nd Half Scorers:  
Full Time Score: DRAW GRM 0 - Southern Branch 0

Match Report:

New coach and captain for this road trip to Nowra. After a very long trip and a frosty morning the boys start the game strong. First free kick is awarded to southern in the 10th minute but it is nicely saved by Adrian.  Owen and Bailey are controlling the midfield and creating a lot of attacking opportunities for the strikers and wingers. The ball is mainly in our attacking half and the pressure finally gives and magic is awarded a free kick just outside the box in the 16th minute. The free kick was taken by Mahan who kicks it straight to the keeper. In the 20th minute a great run down the wing from Xander. S who passes the ball to Mahan who crosses it to an open Dean who takes a shot which is just wide of the post. Xander.S moves to the wing and instantly gives a great cross to Sonal who can’t find the back of the net and sprays it wide of the post. Great switch of play from Owen in the midfield which opens up the field and passes the ball to Dean who then quickly passes it to Mahan who is one on one with the keeper and he can’t convert. This was the best opportunity of the first half. Moses took a number of corners in the first half that were well played but we still could not find the back of the net.

Despite the amount of possession in our attacking half the score at half time is 0-0.

Luca. H and Joel start the second half. Great defence from Thomas, Seb, Luca.V and Xander. B to start the second half. Free kick awarded to Magic in the 7th minute which is taken by Mahan and is a little too big and sails over the cross bar. Bailey and Owen again working hard in the midfield giving great balls upfront but they cannot be converted. Joel then wins a free kick in the 22nd minute which is taken by Bailey who sprays it wide of the post.  With 7 minutes to go subs were required and Filip comes on for Owen. Magic are awarded another free kick when Bailey is fouled just outside the box in the 26th minute. Free kick taken by Mahan which hits the post. Adrian comes out to clear the ball in the 29th minute but ends up fouling the southern player and the Ref does not hesitant to award southern a free kick just outside of the box. A southern player is able to get a head to the kick which is luckily saved by Adrian.
We totally dominated in all areas of the game except where it matter. This is a game we should have won and will go down as a wasted opportunity. We had so many shots on goal but they were either straight to the keeper or wide of the post. Target practice may be needed.


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