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Round: rd 29 Sponsored by
Vs: Dulwich Hill
Half Time Score: GRM 0 - Dulwich 0
1st Half Scorers:  
2nd Half Scorers: Bailey Stevens-50 minute
Full Time Score: WIN GRM 1 - Dulwich Hill 0

Match Report:

Round 29 was played on a crisp Tuesday evening.

The boys had learnt a new formation at trainings and were very keen to put it into practice and that they did.

GRM played a fantastic first half of football, they were moving the ball around, very well and controlled. They were unlucky not to score in the first half.

They went into the sheds at half time 0-0.

The second half they didn't start as strong - but were still playing good football.

It was the 50 minute of the game that a free was taken and we were able to capitalise on this and score a great goal to go on and win the match.

Well done GRM.


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