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Round: rd 2 Sponsored by
Vs: Granville Rage
Half Time Score: GRM 1 - Granville 1
1st Half Scorers: Mahan Safdartourei 21st min - Ganville rage 15th min
2nd Half Scorers: Dean Masmanidis 37th min - Garnville Rage 32nd min
Full Time Score: Draw GRM 2 - Granville 2

Match Report:

The game was second night game so far in the session & catch up game round 2. Boys were pretty confident on that night after they won last weekend against Bankstown but little bit worry as Ganville Rage was high in the ladder currently.

However game was started with mix feeling around 6.25pm it was cold & dark most perfect environment for the soccer.  Soon after game started we roll over the ball to opposition net 28th second but they saved the goal. Same way Granville Rage came close to out territory 11th Min but Adrian saved the goal beautifully.

15th min Granville Rage score their first goal with very strong long kick from 20 Meter mark & GRM not wait so long Mahan had opportunity take kick free kick on 21st min. He handle the kick very professional way &  he even the score out 1-1. Soon after we had another opportunity on 21st Min but we didn't had a luck to beyond them but was good try.

First half finished with same level score but Granville Rage not too so long to score their second half first goal on 37th Min. We had good opportunity make another goal Sonal cross over to middle on 36th Min but we missed this opportunity.  37th Min Dean score Goal with Soanl's assist make again score level 2-2.

 After this score levels game turn in to very interesting to everybody & lots of screams & cheers around the ground. 48th Min Sonal got ball & ran in to the their territory & try to kick the goal it was narrowly missed & hit post this could have our winning goal but that was unlucky mis opportunity to GRM.

However we pleased with final results & both teams boys played very good professional soccer. Lastly my point of view we had so many chancers to win the game but one of the good game I seen so far in the session.


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